Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 21 - Home!

The flight was long and tedious but very smooth. I was pleasantly surprised that the Life of Pi was one of the movie choices. Some of the shooting was based in Munnar, one of our favorites on this trip.

I am kind of undecided about the movie, I did however like the surprise ending. I probably should watch it under better circumstances and not on a 7" screen.

We got served four times during the flight but based on IST, so the dinner menu was at 5:00 AM Chicago time. I guess better than no food or just peanuts.

We arrived at the gate 45 mins early, got our baggage right away and cleared customs without any problems.

While waiting for Coach USA had good old McDonald's coffee, hit the spot right after the long flight.
The temperature change is huge, came from 80s to 30 but it can only get better. The daffodils are in bloom and that's a good sign.

The power receptacle meant for charging cell phones and laptops didn't work and a kind gentleman showed a duplex receptacle on the wall where he had plugged his in.

Finally home, now comes the dreaded unpacking, laundry, and getting ready for work tomorrow.

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