Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 20, working our way back.

Left at 10:00 am, continuing the saga of mismanagement, had to call 3 times to get a porter for the luggage. Oh well, we can easily forget this one property amongst all the wonderful ones we stayed at.

Long drive until a lunch stop but the roads are excellent and not too much traffic. Stopped for lunch at Regency Arcadia in Alleppey around 2:30 PM.

Rajeesh met us with my watch as promised, not having a watch during the vacation was great. So from now on I will take of my watch when I get to my destination and put it back on the day of my departure.

Airport check in was hassle free as has been our experience on Arrival as well. The flight to Delhi AI 047 is 30 mins late, no problem less waiting at Delhi, besides there is free wifi here.
This is also an AB 320 and coincidentally the same seat numbers 9A and 9B.

Smooth flight and dinner was good. By the time we got to the departure gate, boarding for our Chicago flight AI 127 had started. This is probably the shortest time we ever spent between flights at Delhi. It was nice as long as our luggage makes the transfer.

The flight to Chicago on AB 777-300 ER is very full as always and left on time.

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