Sunday, April 21, 2013


It was a fabulous trip to a part of India I was the least familiar with.
This is a beautiful area from the sea shore to the mountains and all the innumerable lakes and rivers that contribute to the lush green foliage.

The people here are mostly very nice and helpful and always with a smile on their face. The population is 30% Christians, 60% Hindus and rest Muslims and Jews. There is also some remaining tribal population whose beliefs are similar to those of Native Americans.

Couple of the people worth mentioning are:

Manilal, our driver. He was always on time courteous, vehicle washed and cleaned every day. Well stocked ice cooler with bottled water.
It took him a day to figure out our interest and show us landmarks and other items that he knew would be of interest to us.

Radhika, our local contact from the travel agency. She checked in on us from time to time and promptly took care of any concerns or changes.

Everybody spoke excellent English but sometimes used the wrong words.

Perhaps means that the Non-Veg counter is "Open"?

Ending with a typical decoration signifying blessings.

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