Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 17 - Munnar to Kumarakom

All packed and ready to have breakfast before leaving from Kumarakom. I am somewhat sad to leave Munnar with its beautiful scenery and temperate weather. People from Kochi escape from the heat in Summer and come here. Our cottage is PLB - which stands for Plantation B

I will have to admit that I am glad, I won't have to do another trek to the dinning room in the dark and tackling many uneven stone steps. I enjoyed this trek during breakfast and lunch of course.
We met the owner of the property Dr. Simon yesterday, he is a semi retired ophthalmic surgeon from Kochi, a very pleasant person. He sure has a beautiful and well maintained property.

We started a little late around 8:15 or so. We will be staying at the Coconut Lagoon tonight, which supposedly is only accessible by boat, sounds interesting, looking forward to it.

Looks like the first couple hours of the road is the same as we took to Thettekad yesterday.

We arrived around 11:45 and took the resort ferry to the Coconut Lagoon. We were received with usual hospitality, warmth, and smiles as has been our experience on this trip.

The property is between the Kavamar river and the Lake, after check in we were escorted to our houseboat for the day cruise on Lake Vembanadu, which is the largest inland lake in Kerala with a maximum depth of 45 ft.

The houseboat itself is a 2 bedroom, aptly furnished with lunch and afternoon tea and snacks served on board.
The lunch was very tasty and plentiful, starting with fresh grilled fish from the river and finished off with pineapple for desert.

We are lazily floating on the river, the breeze is nice. It's so peaceful and calming.

At around 3:30 or so the staff came around and took our tea or coffee. We both asked for the cardamom tea.

It was served with a type of fried banana and like everything else was quite delicious.

The last part of the trip was through a channel past villages, house, beautiful greenery and many water birds.

Arrived back at the Coconut Lagoon, beautiful afternoon spent on the boat.

The resort itself is beautiful and sprawling with individual "huts" set amongst coconut trees.

Sitting outside enjoying the beautiful breeze and scenery and waiting for the sunset.

Went in to dinner around 7:30 ordered a kingfisher gold and settled on a Kuttanadan Tharavu (duck) roast, which is duck cooked Kerala style in coconut gravy with organic rice grown on the property. This was a large portion so we shared between us. It was delicious as has been all food throughout our trip. The food is typically cooked in or with coconut milk, a concept not used in Bengali cooking and this very different for me.

There is live violin performance with tabla during dinner which adds to the ambience of of open air dinning.

We will be leaving for Kovalam via Trivandrum tomorrow, our last stop and I feel sad even thinking about this trip being over.

We decided to take a tour of the premises tomorrow morning after breakfast. So it's another early night for us.

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